A Rogue of One's Own

A Rogue of One's Own Summary

"Rich with subplot, historical detail and beautifully descriptive writing that keeps the pages turning until the delightfully unconventional happy ending."—NPR

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A lady must have money and an army of her own if she is to win a revolution—but first, she must pit her wits against the wiles of an irresistible rogue bent on wrecking her plans…and her heart.

Lady Lucie is fuming. She and her band of Oxford suffragists have finally scraped together enough capital to control one of London’s major publishing houses, with one purpose: to use it in a coup against Parliament. But who could have predicted that the one person standing between her and success is her old nemesis and London’s undisputed lord of sin, Lord Ballentine? Or that he would be willing to hand over the reins for an outrageous price—a night in her bed.
Lucie tempts Tristan like no other woman, burning him up with her fierceness and determination every time they clash. But as their battle of wills and words fans the flames of long-smoldering devotion, the silver-tongued seducer runs the risk of becoming caught in his own snare.
As Lucie tries to out-maneuver Tristan in the boardroom and the bedchamber, she soon discovers there’s truth in what the poets say: all is fair in love and war…

Book Reviews


An endearing childhood love story4 star

I surprisingly enjoyed this novel more than the first of the series. Though the first half of the book drags on a little too long if you stay with it you won't be disappointed. From the moment Tristan meets Lucie as children his world tips on its axis. The connection is instant though Tristan’s childhood makes it hard for him to get closer to her. And as you read the book it’s wonderful to read between the lines and notice how that shaped him throughout his life. It was always Lucie for him. The built-up of their relationship is well paced and their banter is funny. In between all of this you get to learn a bit about suffrage organizing, and Lucie is inspired by a real person in the movement.45


Loved!5 star

Loved this book. I hope there will be a book in the future where we can see Lucie marry.55


A book of ones own5 star

Really liked how this story was different and unique in its own right. Totally different Victorian romance. Truly enjoyed it; lots of highs and lows.55

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