Action/ Adventure Box #2

Action/ Adventure Box #2 Summary

Red Bird’s people lack a written record and barely have a small record on a twisted piece of string.
Red Bird is an outcast. She is claimed by no clan in the ceremony. She will be sent to the never land, never to return. She grows enough to be accepted by the twiners. She is sent to collect food from the great waters where only the burial log is permitted to be and those who build them. But there is some history of every burial log. The size, cycles required to build, trees prepared but never used. From this comes the cycle of the queen. But Red Bird sees a log so large on the great waters that it must be the Gods. But why did the Gods return to Red Bird for a second time?
There are social events about to overtake this society. There may be more bloodshed in these changes than in any war. Several generations later even oral history unclear.
What could the Gods possibility bring that Red Bird and the newly installed Queen need? Will this society even accept help from the Gods? Finally the Warrior clan is unaware of the menace that is preparing to pluck their queen. Does this society have the desire to preserve themselves?

The Karlskrona Find is six days in the lives of the strongest and oldest Mafia family in their upstate New York mansion in the mid-1950. The family is run by the Patriarch, the last of the 4th generation. He is wheeled into the monthly meeting of the family. His word is law on every matter. The young great, great, great grandsons have no chair at the meeting table but must sit next to the wall and speak only to answer a question.
The family is feeling pressure from the Puerto Ricans and Blacks in the docketing area of the City. The Chinese wish for more but are wise and waits.
It all starts in Sweden when a new ‘dig’ using new equipment uncovers a strange black stone box found several feet under a false subsoil of a picked clean site.
Its history is lost but goes back to a time when the Vikings were raiders and feared beyond belief. Four young Viking princesses are allowed to take goods and travel to trade with only an old man. It is beyond trading time in Eastern Germany, but people fear not to trade.
Next they trade across the waters in what is now Denmark. The ruler there wishes to part take of a Viking princes and the booty that the Vikings have. He offers to build and help with supplies for their raiding. It all goes bad, and the Viking Chieftain is looking for blood to pay for those slain on his home soil. At the end of the raid a princess shrills a cry that even has the Viking warrior’s blood runs cold.
Hundreds of years later, a Viking ship in a storm hits the rocks on Sicily; it sinks, and smugglers kill all for the supplies. One man is saved and hide until he can get back home safely. The shrill cry is heard again on Sicily but there is no one but Vikings to hear it. The towns people say their neighbors are far distant relatives and should have the property. Since the taxes are the same, the neighbors can have it. This family moves to New York City in the late 1800’s to continue their smuggling. They bring only with them one original cabinet and a small black box in it.
The Icelanders (Vikings) come to New York many years before the family from Sicily. They fish, work on the docks, and have their own city in New York City. The grandsons from the Mafia family go to collect protection money from the Icelanders but are thrown out by force but say they will return.
The Patriarch has a seizure when informed of their action at a council meeting. He is wheeled out by his nurse. Recovering the next day, he is stronger than ever, mixing Sicilian and English, “You have killed us all. There is nothing to prevent it. There will be no one left with our blood here or in the old country.”
He spies the family’s old black box from his wheelchair, “Get a car, I must go now.”
What can the old Patriarch do to save the family. Did he hear a shrill cry from a princess in his dream?

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