Miss Minerva's Pirate Mishap

Miss Minerva's Pirate Mishap Summary

Prim and proper Miss Minerva has plans for her future. Those plans? They do not include a pirate.

The daughter of a retired naval captain, Minerva is well-versed in tactical objectives and strategic maneuvers. It's no wonder she's put those skills to use when planning her own future with the perfectly proper suitor. 

There is only one flaw in her plan. She's failed to take into account a troublesome newcomer who's hiding out in her little seaside town. The irritating rogue is in her way at every turn—teasing, taunting, and all around upending her well-ordered life. 

But then again, what else could she expect from a pirate?

Author Note: This book was formerly titled Miss Minerva's Militia.

Book Reviews

Annoyed for now.

Miss Minerva's Pirate Mishap4 star

Very enjoyable.45


Um2 star

Starts off okay. The first 2/3 is pretty solid. But the last 1/3 is kind of quickly finished hot mess.25


Miss Minerva’s Mishap5 star

Loved the book. Life should be more like it.55


Miss Minerva’s Pirate Mishap5 star

I loved it55


Loving sisters.4 star

I fell a little in love with this H. And the heroine is a delightful, strong woman. Dallen did a great job of portraying the relationship between the sisters. Highly recommend this book.45

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