Texas Desire

Texas Desire Summary

Cade Barret has lost everything and if he doesn’t find help soon, he’ll lose his life as well. Not only must he escape nearly everyone who has a gun, he has to force himself to continue forward for a special objective. His mission is personal, and his desire for revenge is great. For him, though, getting back what has been taken from him is worth all of the danger to his life.

Olivia Torres is a strong, determined woman who has taken it upon herself to care for her family  after her parents were murdered by the Mexican Army. Her calm demeanor and determination make her an incredible spy for the Texian Army during the Texas Revolution. Yet, when a stranger stumbles into the Torres home in the middle of the night, about to die from his wounds, Olivia is faced with a decision that will put more than just her family at risk.
Fighting for their very lives, Cade and Olivia become unlikely allies. Olivia Torres lives a life built around rules of propriety, but her attraction to Cade will put every one of her rules to the test.

Book Reviews


Texas Desire5 star

I love this story! Olivia and Cade truly belong together.55


Great love story5 star

This is an incredible story of the fight between Mexico and Texas for the freedom of Texas that tells of a story of tragedy, great courage and a wonderful love.55

C Conti

Texas desire5 star

This book I could not put down. I laughed I cried held my breath So romantic. A true ending.55


Loved the book,4 star

but couldn’t give it 5 stars. Spelling and grammatical errors are very distracting. I truly wish more authors would stop relying so heavily on spell-check.45


Good book4 star

This was a nice story. Cade and Olivia were good together. Would like to have had more of Bella so ending was a little rushed to me. Maybe we will get more of these characters in next book.45

J. O'Farrell

“Texas Desire” by Holly Castillo5 star

“Texas Desire” is the type of book that this reader hated to see come to an end. Hopefully Ms Castillo will soon create more adventures for Olivia, Cade, Bella and all their dear relatives! As a lawman in San Antonio, Cade would solve many crimes and keep the peace in his new, independent Texas. Olivia has already displayed her insightful abilities to overcome dilemmas. From her first instinct to give aid to Cade, to learning how to love herself, as well as Cade, we witness the development of a strong, lasting devotion. Cade too, realizes important lessons about life from Olivia. Without her, he would have been left a hollow man, but together, they can and have endured just about anything that life throws at them. His young daughter, Bella, instantly sees Olivia as her caring, loving ‘mama’! That innate instinct is symbolic of the true meaning of love and trust. Don’t miss this great historical novel. Even if you have never been to Texas, you’ll find yourself going to ‘google earth’ and following the path of Olivia and Cade in their conquest to Santa Ana and eventually finding Cade’s friend, Sam Houston. Again, if you are a fan of romantic historical novels, be sure to read, “Texas Desire!!” From, Jan Repath, anxiously awaiting more adventures of Olivia, Cade, Bella and the entire Torres Clan!!!55

Good story beyond the veil

Texas desire5 star

Lovely love story. Deep characters and good story movement. About Texas at fall of Alamo and through the defeat of the Mexicans and Texas becoming Texas.55

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