The Country Gentleman

The Country Gentleman Summary

A delightfully different Regency romance from an author with “considerably more wit and pizazz than the legendary Georgette [Heyer] herself” (Kirkus Reviews).
At twenty-eight, Anne Guilfoyle is happily established as a spinster and a bluestocking, delighting her London friends with witticisms and intelligent observations on the political goings-on of the day. But when she is suddenly bereft of her fortune, she is forced to take up residence at Fevermere, the Cheshire farmhouse willed to her by her great uncle.
Isolated from London society and surrounded by farmland, with only her friend Maria for companionship, Anne finds her intelligence put to the test. She rapidly overcomes the shock brought about by the move and sets herself the task of learning everything she can about farming. Evenings prove rather dull, however, and Anne is obliged to invite some of her neighbors to dine—the most notable guest being Mr. Henry Highet, who Anne quickly decides is a thick-witted country type, though admittedly rather handsome.
But Anne’s estimations of both country life and Henry are about to undergo a dramatic change . . .
“[A] lively Regency romance . . . with wit and verve.” —Publishers Weekly
“Characterized by a light, yet sophisticated touch.” —Library Journal

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