The Falconer

The Falconer Summary

At what stage does a search for justice become a mission for revenge?
When Tabby Post, a fiercely independent and dedicated healer, confesses to cold-blooded murder, she must fight to save herself from the gallows. 
After her father is condemned for a crime he did not commit – the murder of his brother – Tabby embarks on a search for the killer. Along the way she helps a young mother and is drawn into the chilling world of the woman’s husband, a heartless preacher whose congregation is bound by fear. 
When tragedy strikes, Tabby is pushed to the brink of her morality. She must risk all that she believes in, in her pursuit of justice.
During her journey, Tabby comes to know a wealthy businessman, a character we originally met in Book 1 - The Hummingbird and the Sea. She forms ties with his family, including his pregnant wife’s mystical sister, who senses an unfathomable connection with the healer.
Always at the forefront of Tabby’s thoughts is Kirkcaldie, the handsome and enigmatic Governor’s Surveyor with whom she is romantically tied. 
Set in Maine in 1725, The Falconer is a tale of sacrifice, loss and new beginnings.

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