The Rakehell of Roth

The Rakehell of Roth Summary

As owner of the most scandalous club in London, the last thing the notorious Marquess of Roth wants is a wife. Keeping up his false reputation as a rake brings in the clients with the deepest pockets—money he needs to fund a noble cause. Even though everything inside tells him not to leave his beautiful, innocent wife behind at his country estate...he must.

But three years later, tired of her scoundrel of a husband headlining the gossip rags, Lady Isobel Vance decides enough is enough. She is no longer a fragile kitten, but as the anonymous author of a women’s sexual advice column, she’s now a roaring tigress...and she can use her claws.

Isobel decides to go to him in London, channeling her powers of seduction to make him beg to take her back. But she didn’t expect her marauding marquess to be equally hard to resist. Now the game is on to see who will give in to the other first, with both sides determined like hell to win.

Each book in the Regency Rogues series is STANDALONE:
* The Beast of Beswick
* The Rakehell of Roth

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Love it 🥰5 star

Worth a another read. Lovely, strong and determined55


He’s no rake5 star

He's no rake. Winter, the Marquess of Roth, is a changed man. The catalyst is his beloved sister Prue's death. Winter was very young (21) when he married Isobel (whom we met in Beast of Beswick). At that point, he had undergone a metamorphosis from a rake to someone leading a double life with a purpose and a voracious need for money. Isobel was even younger when she married Winter, a mere teenager, now, three years later, she, too is leading a double life of sorts. She is the writer Lady Darcy, a scandalous cross between Jane Austen and Fanny Hill. For three years, she's had to simmer in resentment, hurt and anger over Winters supposed notorious infidelities. After the briefest of consummations after their nuptials, they have lived apart with no contact for three years. And this is where their story really begins, after three years of marriage. Smart, a little bit angsty, definitely sensual, its a great match up between two people meant for each other but who are living double lives. Recommend.55


The Rakehell of Roth5 star

The Rakehell of Roth by Amalie Howard 2nd book in the Everleigh Sisters series. Historical romance. Can be read as a stand-alone. The Marquess of Roth married Isobel, did his duty and left her alone in the country for the next three years at his fathers estate. She tired of the gossip and heads to London to confront him. I enjoyed the first book, more than expected since historical romance isn’t a particular favorite. This book was better. Maybe it was just the mood I was in, but the tone was lighter and the man spent hours on accounting and charity work. And he has been faithful while staying away from her all that time. Why not fall in love with him? But he too, had some growing up to do and letting go of the past Lovely humor and glorious sexual tension. In a naive sort of way. Some old troupes and some kick it heroine. I don’t know if this is typical of the author but I will be checking out some of the backlist. I received a copy of this from NetGalley. I also purchased a copy to share and a copy to keep. I love a feisty heroine.55

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