Odyssey Adolf Hitler

Odyssey Adolf Hitler Summary

At 16-years of age Adolf Hitler beheld a vision. During his trance-like state he came to accept that he was destined to follow the path of Rienzi. Legend has it that the Roman tribune inspired revolt against immoral government. Rienzi perished when in turn his corrupt foes overthrew him. The astonishing thing about the Hitler phenomena is how little is known of this extraordinary social reformer, the most popular leader in European history. Odyssey offers a fascinating medley of stories that inspire thought as to Hitler’s spirituality if not his divinity. The future statesmen and prophet miraculously survived the most apocalyptic battles of World War One. The Spartan socialist revolutionary donated his salary and never had a bank account. Having won the hearts of nations he fought to a standstill three empires and died a martyr. The world and especially his own people then and now celebrated the astounding achievements of Adolf Hitler.

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