Studies of American Fungi

Studies of American Fungi Summary

Studies of American Fungi
George Francis Atkinson, American botanist and mycologist (1854 – 1918)

This ebook presents «Studies of American Fungi», from George Francis Atkinson. A dynamic table of contents enables to jump directly to the chapter selected.

Table of Contents
- About This Book
- Introduction
- Form And Characters Of The Mushroom
- Development Of The Mushroom
- Gill Bearing Fungi – Agaricaceae
- The Purple-brown-spored Agarics
- The Black-spored Agarics
- The White-spored Agarics
- The Rosy-spored Agarics
- The Ochre-spored Agarics
- The Tube-bearing Fungi - Polyporaceae
- Hedgehog Fungi – Hydnaceae
- Coral Fungi – Clavariaceae
- The Trembling Fungi – Tremellineae
- Thelephoraceae
- Puff-balls - Lycoperdaceae
- The Stink-horn Fungi - Phalloideae Fries
- Morels, Cup-fungi, Helvellas, Etc – Discomycetes
- Collection And Preservation Of The Fleshy Fungi
- Selection And Preparation Of Mushrooms For The Table
- Uses Of Mushrooms
- Cultivation Of Mushrooms
- Recipes For Cooking Mushrooms
- Chemistry And Toxicology Of Mushrooms
- Description Of Terms Applied To Certain Structural Characters Of Mushrooms
- Analytical Keys

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