The Origins and Early Development of Baptists in Bulgaria.

The Origins and Early Development of Baptists in Bulgaria. Summary

For the student of Baptist origins and history, Baptist development and work in Bulgaria present a challenge. Little has been written on Bulgarian Baptists, not only by Bulgarians but also by Western historians. Prior to the World War II, no one attempted to thoroughly research the Baptist movement in Bulgaria. During that time, most church records, personal correspondence, and Baptist brochures and magazines were confiscated by the secret police who served the Communist Party during the forty-five-year Communist rule in Bulgaria. Following World War II until 1989, Baptists suffered severe persecution, and some of the leaders of churches and groups sadly made the decision to deliberately destroy all the historical records and information for security purposes. (1) Some brave Christians, however, took a personal risk and kept documents, old pictures, and issues of old magazines published between World War I and World War II. Baptist historians are indebted to those courageous Christians. (2) Also, materials published from a Marxist perspective during the communist period, although entirely focused on discrediting the Protestants, contain useful historical information. (3)

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