Something Wicked (Book #4 in the Vampire's Witch Saga)

Something Wicked (Book #4 in the Vampire's Witch Saga) Summary

SOMETHING WICKED (Book #4 in the Vampire’s Witch Saga) was inspired by actual events and their resulting, recurring nightmares.

Skyla Jane Judge has committed herself to her immortal life and her soon-to-be-immortal lover, but  her past continues to haunt her. 
If they were meant to be, why is she still drawn to a lover from her previous life? And he to her? What did she die for if not to start anew? Might it really be her fate to spend eternity with him?
Complicating matters, her dearest friend’s life hangs in the balance of this uncertainty, and Skyla turns to a trio of witches for help. Through their mastery of sorcery, they guide the hand of fate and allow Skyla’s restless soul room to explore and evolve. Of course, with that door open, the unexpected just might walk through. 
In SOMETHING WICKED, Skyla struggles to be true to those closest to her. But can she be true to herself at the same time? Or will fate force her to make a heartbreaking choice?
SOMETHING WICKED is Book #4 of The Vampire’s Witch Saga, following Book #1 (THE DEN), Book #2 (IN THE BLOOD), and Book #3 (THE SEVENTH DAY). Book #5 in the series is forthcoming soon.

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