I Like You Just the Way I Am

I Like You Just the Way I Am Summary

A New York Times Best Seller!

By the actress, writer, and one of the funniest women on Twitter, an outrageous, hysterical memoir of acting on impulse, plotting elaborate hoaxes, and refusing to acknowledge boundaries in any form

Jenny Mollen is an actress and writer living in Los Angeles. She is also a wife, married to a famous guy (which is annoying only because he gets free shit and she doesn't). She doesn't want much from life. Just to be loved—by everybody: her parents, her dogs, her ex-boyfriends, her ex-boyfriends' dogs, her husband, her husband's ex-girlfriends, her husband's ex-girlfriend's new boyfriends, etc. Some people might call that impulse crazy, but isn't "crazy" really just a word boring people use to describe fun people? (And Jenny is really, really fun, you guys!)

In these pages, you'll find stories of Jenny at her most genuine, whether it's stalking her therapist (because he knows everything about her so shouldn't she get to know everything about him?); throwing a bachelorette party so bad that one of the guests is suspected dead; or answering the eternal question, Would your best friend blow your husband on a car ride to dinner if she didn't know you were hiding in the backseat?
I Like You Just the Way I Am is about not doing the right thing—about indulging your inner crazy-person. It is Jenny when she's not trying to impress anyone or come across as a responsible, level-headed member of society. With any luck it will make you better acquainted with who you really are and what you really want. Which, let's be honest, is most likely someone else's email password.

Book Reviews

kaidynce sheppick

One of the best books I’ve read!5 star

this book was amazing and funny. It explains what could go wrong in life or what could go exactly UNEXPECTED. This book will help you on future journeys and give you lots of laughs! Good luck!55


Notice only the “men” disliked the book5 star

I can t help but to...55


Annoying as f1 star

I find her beyond annoying. Of course she put twenty pics of herself on the cover. Narcissist15


Crap1 star

How does stuff like this get published?15


Crazy town LA4 star

I really enjoyed this read. I lived in LA for 10 years and there is a crazy, specific to LA. If you're interested in that, or you've lived it, or you are it, you may enjoy this book. She is funny and honest about the inner workings of her brain and her storytelling entertained me. Some may find it too too...45


Old news2 star

Same exact stories she wrote on the playboy website. Read them there for free.25


Jenny, Jenny, Jenny....5 star

Jenny Jenny Jenny where if you been all my life?? I could've used your humor, and this book, when I was much much younger. However I'll take it now and reread it and enjoy every minute of it again!55


Jenny is indeed the score of the century I swear it5 star

Enjoyed it through and through! Read it you guys!55


Teets for President!5 star

This book is freaking hilarious!! I want to stalk my husbands ex girlfriend now. Seriously though, this is my kind of stupid fun. Glad to know I'm not the only dummy alive.55


Funny book5 star

I haven't laughed this hard since reading Jennifer Weiner's "Good In Bed". Kudos to the author for spilling all her dysfunctions and doing so with humor.55

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