Whose Boat Is This Boat?

Whose Boat Is This Boat? Summary

100% of The Late Show’s proceeds from this book go to hurricane relief.

Whose Boat Is This Boat? Comments That Don’t Help in the Aftermath of a Hurricane is a picture book made entirely of quotations from President Donald Trump in the wake of Hurricane Florence. It is the first children’s book that demonstrates what not to say after a natural disaster.

On September 19, 2018, Donald Trump paid a visit to New Bern, North Carolina, one of the towns ravaged by Hurricane Florence. It was there he showed deep concern for a boat that washed ashore. “At least you got a nice boat out of the deal,” said President Trump to hurricane victims. “Have a good time!” he told them. The only way his comments would be appropriate is in the context of a children’s book—and now you can experience them that way, thanks to the staff of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

Whose Boat Is This Boat? is an excellent teaching tool for readers of all ages who enjoy learning about empathy by process of elimination. Have a good time!

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It... it hurts less now to read than before5 star

This used to really singe the soul for me to read. Yeah, the cynical side of me would shake my head and kind of laugh in derision. Now it’s a little lighter of a laugh to know that the bad man can’t hurt us anymore. *God forbid* that anything should befall our country that should require President Biden to go to the aftermath of a natural disaster and speak, at least we know he’s not gonna say stuff like this. Now I can read this with just a bit more levity than before. I will never lose my crush on Stephen Colbert, and his work toward disaster relief and charity etc. just makes him sexier. Xoxo Stephen 😘I just want to say, the betterknowaballot campaign was pure genius!55

Dream Theater=God

Amazing5 star

It feels like just another poorly written cheap shot at our Idiot in Chief, but it hurts so much more to know this was a real conversation. The book is fantastic and brings to life just how twisted our reality is right now.55

Mike Bburg

Worth the donation4 star

Perfect words. Terrific words. The best words. It’s a teachable moment.45


Oh my goodness!5 star

So concise and ridiculously short. Just like the President’s mind itself, such a great and subtle mirror. No less from the great intellects behind Colbert’s material. You conservatives reading this; beware, we are way funnier and more adept than you are, not even trying!!!!55

🥩 yum!

David Dennison5 star

This book is the bestest book ever. This book has the GREATEST! words. I can tell you that...believe me!...PERFECT.55


Whose boat is this boat?5 star

The moral. Find Barack and Michelle Obama to help you when presenting yourself after natural disasters. They can make your trip memorable, not stupid. Just loads of laughter at the funniest president ever. I mean funny to laugh at, not with.55


Confusing, uninspiring, tragic - Trump’s America5 star

Colbert joins the ranks of Meacham and Kearn’s-Goodwin as a major force in historical writing. He is able to succinctly encapsulate the two years of the Trump presidency in 24 short pages. Spend $9.99 for Hurricane relief. First you’ll laugh and then probably cry because this is a true story.55


I think Whose Boat is this Boat is good.5 star

There is the illustration. There is the story. This book is for Hurricane Relief.55


its funny5 star

its worth it55


I put in my $5.00. Worth it.5 star

This is great.55

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