How Landlords Grow Rich In Their Sleep: The Guide to Getting Started With Student Rental Property Investment

How Landlords Grow Rich In Their Sleep: The Guide to Getting Started With Student Rental Property Investment Summary

Want to know how you can make more money with a rental property?This book will give you a great introduction to the lucrative real estate investment market of student housing. There is much more to becoming a successful rental property landlord than buying a house near a college and sticking a for rent sign in the yard. You can reach your real estate investment goals such as financial freedom, owning your own business, and leaving the 9 to 5 work week behind through college housing and this guide will show you how. With this book you will learn to:• Understand the college student tenant, which can be very different from regular tenants.• Make more money with college housing than you can with regular housing.• Select the rental properties that will attract the student tenant and make the most money.• Use the services of a real estate agent to make your life as a real estate investor much easier.• Decide which college or university to target for rental property investment.• Handle local government real estate investment ordinances and regulations.• Get the most bang for your buck out of rental property inspections.Rental property investment can be a very rewarding experience in any housing market. There are many reasons to become an investor such as month to month cash flow, equity down the line that can be used to pay for a child’s education or wedding, and a comfortable retirement for yourself and your spouse. There is no need to be intimidated, even Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki had to start somewhere. You can start ahead of the game, knowing which areas to target for real estate investing, determine which properties are best for student housing, and how to select the college or university that suits your lifestyle.Investing in college housing and being a landlord to students is not for everyone. How Landlords Grow Rich In Their Sleep will help you determine if this very lucrative niche housing market is for you and if it is how to get started making your real estate investment dreams come true.As a real estate agent and rental property investor, the author has compiled the most meaningful and effective ideas about rental property management and real estate investment learned through real life situations in an effort to help other rental housing investors make more money and have more time for family.

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