The Tanach or Jewish Bible

The Tanach or Jewish Bible Summary

This is an electronic edition of the complete book. This book features a table of contents linked to every chapter. The book was designed for optimal navigation on the iPad.


Torah - The Law
Bereshit - Genesis
Shemot - Exodus
VaYikra - Leviticus
BaMidbar - Numbers
Devarim - Deuteronomy
Neviim - The Prophets
Yehoshua - Joshua
Shoftim - Judges
Shmuel A - 1 Samuel
Shmuel B - 2 Samuel
Melachim A - 1 Kings
Melachim B - 2 Kings
Yisheyah - Isaiah
Yermiyah - Jeremiah
Yechezchial - Ezekiel 
Treisar - The Minor Prophets
Hoshea - Hosea
Yoel - Joel
Amos - Amos
Ovadiyah - Obadiah
Yonah - Jonah
Michah - Micah
Nachum - Nahum
Chabakuk - Habakkuk
Tzefaniyah - Zephaniah
Chaggi - Haggai
Zechariyah - Zechariah
Malachi - Malachi
Ketuvim - The Writings
Tehilim - Psalms
Mishlei - Proverbs
Eyov - Job 
Shir HaShirim - Song of Songs
Ruth - Ruth
Eichah - Lamentations
Keholet - Ecclesiastes
Esther - Esther
Daniyel - Daniel
Ezra - Ezra
Nechemiyah - Nehemiah
Divrei Yamim A - 1 Chronicles Divrei Yamim B - 2 Chronicles

Book Reviews


Not JPS1 star

You should never buy a Tanach without knowing who the publisher is. Does anyone know which translation this is?15


Comment from the publisher5 star

This eBook is a Collection of the texts that compose the Tanach. It is translated from Hebrew by Jewish Publication Society in 1917.55


What translation is this?1 star

Why on earth would someone go the trouble to digitize this without bothering to say which translation it is, unless the person doesn't care about the text? Why would anyone buy a tanach without asking that?15


Not JPS1 star

Definitely not the JPS 1917 edition. This is King James Version slightly modified.15

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