Dear Writer, You're Doing It Wrong

Dear Writer, You're Doing It Wrong Summary

I know what you're hoping...

You've got goals and hopes that have pushed you this far in your writing career. It might be "to make a full-time living" or it might be "to get my books in the hands of readers", but whichever side of that continuum you fall into, there's something worthwhile about this pursuit for you.

But it's not happening the way you thought. And you're not quite sure why.

You're pretty sure there's something wrong with you, or you're doing something you shouldn't be doing. You might have tried some of the things "everyone" says to try and it's just not happening the way they promised it would.


You're wondering why you're not actualizing your goals or hopes the way you thought you would. Well, I can tell you why. Because I have coached thousands of writers. Six- and seven-figure authors, major award winners, midlisters, and new authors... all across the spectrum of success, method, and personality. 

The good news is, there are patterns to the way our brains think, and you are both refreshingly unique and also thankfully just like other people in a way that makes your thoughts and fears very normal. We want to dig into those and figure out what's not working for you and why.

In other words, you're in the right place. Join me inside these pages to figure out what you're doing wrong, and how to fix it.


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