Strangers To Superfans: A Marketing Guide to The Reader Journey

Strangers To Superfans: A Marketing Guide to The Reader Journey Summary

From the author of <i>Let's Get Digital</i> and </i>Amazon Decoded<i>, this book will change how you think about marketing. Strangers to Superfans puts you in the shoes of your Ideal Readers, and forces you to view your marketing from their perspective.</br></br>*Learn the five stages in The Reader Journey.
*Identify where your blockages are and how to fix them.</br>*Optimize each stage to increase conversion.</br>*Boost sales by making the process frictionless.</br>*Build an army of passionate readers who do the selling for you.</br></br>It's not enough to know who your Ideal Readers are, you also need to imagine how they feel when a recommendation email arrives containing your cover. You must figure out why they hesitated before clicking the Buy button. And it's crucial to determine why they liked your book enough to finish it... but not sufficiently to recommend it to their friends.</br></br>The Reader Journey is a new marketing paradigm that maps out the journey your Ideal Readers take in their transformation from strangers to superfans.

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