The Ugly Truth About Self-Publishing

The Ugly Truth About Self-Publishing Summary

Dear Indie Author,

Forget everything you think you know about writing and self-publishing. Chances are it's complete b******t.

Nowadays there are literally hundreds of thousands of people who dream of being a professional writer. And thanks to self-publishing and print-on-demand, there's nothing stopping you or anyone else from publishing whatever you want.

Even if it's complete crap.

The result? Every year, millions of s****y books get self-published. Books that should have never been published in the first place, because they are so bad, nobody wants to read them.

While you're reading this little book, one of two things is likely gonna happen: Either you totally hate this book, because you feel what I'm saying is stepping on your toes and you may feel personally attacked. Or you wholeheartedly agree with this book, because you're one of the few good indie authors who actually have talent.

But even if you hate every word I say, you probably should take the time to read this book anyway, because you'll learn a few very important things. I promise to keep it short.


"A must read for anyone thinking of writing a book. Not only is it witty, it is incredibly insightful."
★★★★★ - Amazon Review

"More wannabe writers should read this book before wasting money and time."
★★★★★ - Amazon Review

"It should be required reading."
★★★★★ - Amazon Review

"Malloy understands the plight of the Indie author quite well which makes this rant significant and his complaints valid."
★★★★★ - Fiction Ebook Review

"Crisp and 100% truthful."
★★★★★ - Amazon Review

"Malloy tells it like it is."
★★★★★ - Dream Catcher Publishing House

"The things even your best friend won't tell you..."
★★★★★ - Amazon Review

"Harshly funny."
★★★★★ - Amazon Review

"Brilliant cartoons."
★★★ - Amazon Review

"Self-publishing is more like Facebook posting than actual authorship, and this lucid book spells that out in clear detail."
★★★★ - Smashwords Review

"Definitely hits the nail on the head. All true."
★★★★★ - Amazon Review

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