Three Story Method: Foundations of Fiction

Three Story Method: Foundations of Fiction Summary

Storytelling isn't complicated. We'll prove it to you.

Do you have an amazing idea for a novel but you struggle to get words on the page? Maybe the problem isn't writer's block. Maybe you need a writing process.

Publishing veterans and bestselling authors Zach Bohannon and J. Thorn share their proven system for developing a plan that will bridge the gap between a collection of random notes and a cohesive first draft.

This comprehensive book will teach you the foundations of fiction: Plot, Structure, Genre, Theme, Character, and World.


Why you need a system to finish a first draft whether you plot or pants

What Aristotle said about storytelling thousands of years ago that still applies today

How studying Star Wars can make you a better writer

What some of the most prolific authors believe about the craft

How all stories can be reduced to three components

Which archetypes create a more engaging reader experience

How the Hero's Journey is alike and different than the Virgin's Promise

Why you should cast your characters like a movie producer

Developed over 10 years and applied on millions of words of fiction, Thorn and Bohannon will show you how to layer your approach and build a fantastic story from the ground up.

No more staring at a blinking cursor when you sit down to write!

Become a master storyteller today. Three Story Method will transform you from a struggling writer into a career author.

Downloadable worksheet and full list of resources included! Get it now!

Book Reviews

Michael Mast

A few gems, mostly rehash or other books3 star

I was excited to read this after listening to the authors on Joanna Penny’s podcast, but while it had a few good reminders and I did highlight occasionally, it’s mostly retreads of other, more detailed books. Story Grid by Shawn Coyne is one of, if not, the best book out there and they quote it a lot. I will say, this is a short book, so if you want to save time and get some basic structure advice, check this out. But if you are looking for something deeper, check out Story Grid.35


An excellent resource5 star

As an award-winning author, editor, and someone who teaches Story, this is a great resource. The authors provide thorough background and resources for further study while giving you everything need to improve your writing and/or your existing manuscript. I’ve been in this space for a while now and was surprised by what I learned from this book. It’s a great resource that I will recommend to my students and writer friends alike55

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