14 Fun Facts About Machu Picchu: A 15-Minute Book

14 Fun Facts About Machu Picchu: A 15-Minute Book Summary

Machu Picchu is one of the few surviving ruins of the Inca Empire. It is situated in tropical forests on the eastern side of the Andes Mountains. It stretches five miles across a ridge and sits on top of two earthquake fault lines.
The Spanish invaded South America looking for gold. They killed the Inca people. They destroyed their cities, but they never found Machu Picchu.
How much do you know about this Inca treasure?
How many years was Machu Picchu inhabited?
How do the walls of Machu Picchu "dance"?
Who really discovered Machu Picchu?
Where does Machu Picchu get its water?

Find out more about this famed ancient city and amaze your family and friends with these fun facts.
Ages 8 and up. All measurements in American and metric.

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