Rand v. Rand

Rand v. Rand Summary

1 Richard J. Rand appeals the circuit-court order directing him to pay $40,000 to his former wife, Marcy L. Rand, because he did not comply with a divorce judgment that required him to notify the circuit court if his compensation exceeded $100,000 per year. According to Mr. Rands appellate brief, he does "not dispute[] that in the years 1999-2003 Rand did not, as the divorce judgment required, notify the Court that his compensation had increased." He also does not dispute his liability for the resulting shortfall in his child-support payments. Indeed, he has made those payments. He has also, albeit unwillingly, paid the $40,000, but seeks its return in whole or in part. Marcy L. Rand does not dispute that Richard J. Rand disclosed his increased earnings for the relevant years before the circuit court found him in contempt and imposed the $40,000 sanction.

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