Growing Vegetables and Fruit at Home

Growing Vegetables and Fruit at Home Summary

With fresh fruit and vegetables becoming increasingly more expensive to buy, growing your own produce is an excellent way to save money and eat more healthily.

Here's a small sample of the benefits of home gardening:

•Save money growing your own vegetables
•Grow your own without harmful pesticides
•Improved flavor and nutrition
•Greater variety
•Healthy living
•Family enjoyment

In This Book, You'll Learn About These Topics:

•Learn the best way how to fertilize your plants.
•How to employ crop rotation to reduce the build up of pests and diseases.
•The best method and time to sow seeds.
•Get to know how to maintain your plants.
•Understanding the effects of weather, soil, and irrigation to your plants.
•How to grow berries and small fruits.
•How to control weeds, insects, diseases, and some species of wildlife.

Basically, you’re covered on all angles to ensure your gardening effort is worth your while. Read on.

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