Gods Behaving Badly

Gods Behaving Badly Summary

Being a Greek god is not all it once was. Yes, the twelve gods of Olympus are alive and well in the twenty-first century, but they are crammed together in a London townhouse -- and none too happy about it. And they've had to get day jobs: Artemis as a dog-walker, Apollo as a TV psychic, Aphrodite as a phone sex operator, Dionysus as a DJ.

Even more disturbingly, their powers are waning, and even turning mortals into trees -- a favorite pastime of Apollo's -- is sapping their vital reserves of strength.

Soon, what begins as a minor squabble between Aphrodite and Apollo escalates into an epic battle of wills. Two perplexed humans, Alice and Neil, who are caught in the crossfire, must fear not only for their own lives, but for the survival of humankind. Nothing less than a true act of heroism is needed -- but can these two decidedly ordinary people replicate the feats of the mythical heroes and save the world?

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Funny and Beautiful (just like Aphrodite) : )5 star

This book really depicted the Greek Gods if they were incarnated in the modern world. Aphrodite and Artemis were my favorite. This book had a sweet ending, and it wasn’t what I expected. Great Job!55


Gods behaving badly5 star

Great read. Refreshing. Different slant55


Gods behaving badly4 star

The story plays out like a romantic comedy, and in turn, an entertaining read. The gods are all put into their characters well, and it would be easy to see this novel transition to the big screen. There are themes of aging and love with a little exploration into gender roles of society. All in all, fun.45


Gods Behaving Badly5 star

I had the opportunity to read this as an ARC. It is excellent! It's very well written; quite funny. It's on my list of funniest novels I have read, #1 being Good Omens by Neil Gaiman &Terry Pratchett. It does need a rating of perhaps PG-13 due to some of the language used. It seems that the Gods like to curse a bit.55

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