Brain-Based Practices for Leaders

Brain-Based Practices for Leaders Summary

Seven leadership practices that work. We explain the research behind why each practice works and offer suggestions on how you can use it to improve personal and professional success.

Overview of Brain-Based Practices

Strengthen Your Willpower—Use precommitments and replenish your willpower before making key decisions.

Monitor Your Thinking—Learn when to trust your gut feelings and when to slow down and involve others in decisions.

Make Use of Mistakes—Reflect on things gone wrong to strengthen learning pathways in your brain.

Spread Positive Emotions—Smile. Your non-verbal, emotional cues have a greater impact on people than the content of your message.

Build Emotional Intelligence—Listen for what people are thinking and feeling in addition to what they are saying.

Use Exploratory Feedback—Reframe feedback as an exploratory dialogue to avoid provoking denial, defense and dislike.

Handle Reactions to Stress—Cultivate deliberate calm to reduce your automatic response to perceived threats.

Book Reviews


Pretty decent advices5 star

The author has grip on the subjects and knows about human mind our reactions to different things and the different choices leaders make that make them a head in life. Totally recommend all to read and reread and keep in your library. Thank you 😊55


Great!5 star

Amazing, gives good insight on how to be a leader and training one must take to better themselves and their team.55


Short and informative article4 star

Actually it is a short article focusing on seven leadership qualities. It is informative and easy reading.45


Brain-Based Practices for Leaders5 star

Great read direct and to the point. No fluff. Great for reference.55

Jeascon Fortin

Amazing5 star

Really amazing book. Get a copy now.55

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