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Dare to Lead: Hard Work. Tough Conversations. Whole Heart - A Comprehensive Summary

Dare to Lead is a book about embracing one’s vulnerability. In this book, the author Brene Brown explores and explains the power of the courage and the strength that can be discovered in person’s willingness to accept his or her vulnerability. 
Inside this book, we will read about clear and easy to understand strategies about numerous things where vulnerability could otherwise be our hindrance. Brown writes advice and tips on how to become a better leader, how to better support one’s team, and how to understand the psychology and how human emotions function. Moreover, in this book readers will have the opportunity to read about the exquisite and unique power of having to deal with two most painful things in life- vulnerability and shame. However, Dare to Lead is not just a self-help book about leadership. It is a book that calls to action every reader; a book in which the author writes about being vulnerable and having to deal with emotions that we tend to keep away from us on entire different and fruitful way. 

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Book Reviews

Stephane Reyess

Easy read5 star

This book helped to know how do you cultivate braver, more daring leaders, and how do you embed the value of courage in your culture.55


Nice book5 star

This is so great book and I so love on how it was written. Too simple however it gives us a great understanding. This book causes me to profoundly make a few information investigation effectively.55

Veronica W Hopkins

Wonderful!5 star

I like how the book is written in a very interesting way. Thanks to author for this great book. This book is a good read and worthy of attention.55


Good book5 star

It’s great! It gives the reader confidence to be brave and bold in sharing ideas to make change to lead.55

Hasan VA

Great read5 star

This book helped me a lot. Almost reading done. Just amazing!55

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