Winning with People

Winning with People Summary

Relationships are at the heart of every positive human experience. Maxwell, a master communicator and relational expert, makes learning about relationships accessible to everyone. The most sophisticated leaders and salespeople will pick up on skills that will make them even better, and relational novices will learn skills that can transform them into relational dynamos.

Book Reviews

Daphne Henry

Winning with People5 star

This was an amazing read!!!! It is truly one of the best books I have ever read.55


Very helpful5 star

It's a great book of people relationship. The profound concepts in the book moves me a lot, sympathy is the strongest feeling that I have while reading. It stops me and make me in deep thinking several times. Definitely recommend this book.55


Life changing!5 star

I had to read this book for the Bible College that I was in. I am not a fan or reading, or at least I wasn't until I read this book! It has helped transform my relationships with people and brought perspective into my life on a whole different level!55

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