Toilet-bound Hanako-kun, Vol. 8

Toilet-bound Hanako-kun, Vol. 8 Summary

It's been three days since they returned from the School Mystery Three, the Hell of Mirrors. To cheer up the depressed Kou, Nene heads to the Boundaries' Tanabata festival. She was supposed to be enjoying the festival with Hanako-kun and Kou, but suddenly she finds herself in the world 50 years in the past. And who should she meet there but Hanako-kun when he was alive!?

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100/105 star

This is a very good story! It’s done very well and I would definitely recommend this to anyone. It has bits of romance,comedy,mystery, and supernatural/fantasy genres.55


:)5 star

i read this in an hour, I couldn’t stop it was very cute :)55


Jaja5 star



Cute✨5 star

This book is just the cutest and it makes me feel super happy 😊 But Tsukasa just needs to die-55


I love Toilet Bound!!!5 star

This is probably the best manga I’ve ever read. It has a story that keeps you going, and you are captivated on every page! Such like able characters and wonderful art!55


One of the best manga I’ve read5 star

Truly no matter what genre you are into this manga will definitely be to your liking.55

Hello 'tis me

Wonderful series!5 star

Mysterious and gorgeous! I do wish it were longer and perhaps more conclusive to burning questions I've had since the fourth book.55

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