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What if you could take a voyage with an 'ancient mariner' and have him teach you the navigation skills he has acquired over a lifetime of sailing? Now you can. Come along with Nick De Munnik as he explains basic navigation fundamentals and shows you how to use them for coastal, electronic and celestial navigation.

The author's conversational and easy to understand descriptions include extensive diagrams and examples, making all aspects of boat navigation seem intuitive. This book is a ‘must have’ for the new boater and a great reference for the seasoned sailer.

Building on the navigational skills covered in the coastal and electronic navigation sections, the celestial navigation section is second to none. Nick developed this for his celestial navigation courses and it continues to be used as class materials in celestial navigation courses today.

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A Great Celestial Navigation Read and Reference5 star

I picked this book up on a whim based on my recent interest in Celestial Navigation, and this seemed like it would be a good intro into taking a deeper dive into it. The book was much better than I expected, with great examples and a good amount detailed information in the Appendix. I was a bit confused when trying to print the examples in the Appendix, but saw the note on the Table of Contents that explained to email the creator for a PDF version to print out the examples. After sending off and email, I received a friendly response with a PDF to print from and use, which seems above and beyond what I expected from the writer. Even if you’re a newcomer like me, I found this a great read and reference!55


Do not buy for iBook3 star

You will not be able to print the pages suggested by the author to complete the exercises or create the guides35

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