Marketing In Less Than 1000 Words

Marketing In Less Than 1000 Words Summary

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Finally. A book on marketing you can read in 15 minutes flat.

In less than 1000 words we explain the major principles of successful marketing - the most important things you must understand to market your business successfully and find more customers. This is a book so short that everybody can make the time to read i

Book Reviews


Nice3 star

Cool stuff35


Save your money1 star

This book was written to take your money with providing any knowledge that could help. Save your money and spend it for something helpful.15


Great book5 star

It is a very short and simple book but I can tell you that you will learn a thing or two in there.55


Short, Sweet, and To the Point5 star

I love books that don't add fluff. The author stated some great points for business owners to build upon.55


Started My Own Business, This Helps5 star

I started my own business and had no idea why customers weren't flocking to the website. This book really cleared things up for me and gave me a plan/idea on how to turn things around!55


Good sound bites, not educational2 star

This was a quick, tangible introduction to marketing. For someone who genuinely needs to learn what marketing is, the approachability is valuable. It offers a few clever soundbites, but didn't meet my needs. I'm a marketer who didn't go to marketing or business school, so I was hoping to learn how to merge the creative side—which I live and breathe every day—with the business/strategic side I avoided in college. I'm hoping to learn how to speak the basic language of business, and this was not the tool for that.25


Worth the $0.99!!!5 star

Really hit all the points. Gives you the outline for success. Look elsewhere to find out more in depth answers55


Waste of time!!!1 star

This book is a complete waste of time and contains useless information. Not worth downloading.15

Jayel 143

Meh... It's ok3 star

I paid 99 cents for stuff I already knew... But good read for someone with no marketing experience.35


Great Book!5 star

This book really gave me a clear representation of what marketing really stands for and all the effort you have to put forth to actually be successful and create the biggest investment out of it!55

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