A Plague Upon Our House

A Plague Upon Our House Summary

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What really happened behind the scenes at the Trump White House during the COVID pandemic?

When Dr. Scott W. Atlas was tapped by Donald Trump to join his COVID Task Force, he was immediately thrust into a maelstrom of scientific disputes, policy debates, raging egos, politically motivated lies, and cynical media manipulation. Numerous myths and distortions surround the Trump Administration’s handling of the crisis, and many pressing questions remain unanswered. Did the Trump team really bungle the response to the pandemic? Were the right decisions made about travel restrictions, lockdowns, and mask mandates? Are Drs. Anthony Fauci and Deborah Birx competent medical experts or timeserving bureaucrats? Did half a million people really die unnecessarily because of Trump’s incompetence?

So far no trusted figure has emerged who can tell the story straight—until now. In this unfiltered insider account, Dr. Scott Atlas brings us directly into the White House, describes the key players in the crisis, and assigns credit and blame where it is deserved.

The book includes shocking evaluations of the Task Force members’ limited knowledge and grasp of the science of COVID and details heated discussions with Task Force members, including all of the most controversial episodes that dominated headlines for weeks. Dr. Atlas tells the truth about the science and documents the media’s relentless campaign to suffocate it, which included canceled interviews, journalists’ off-camera hostility in White House briefings, and intentional distortion of facts. He also provides an inside account of the delays and timelines involving vaccines and other treatments, evaluates the impact of the lockdowns on American public health, and indicts the relentless war on truth waged by Big Business and Big Tech.

No other book contains these revelations. Millions of people who trust Dr. Atlas will want to read this dramatic account of what really went on behind the scenes in the White House during the greatest public health crisis of the 21st century.

Book Reviews


Excellent5 star

Thank you for telling the truth. Keep up the fight ~55

A now ex Expedia member

Great read5 star

Excellent, well supported facts regarding the COVID pandemic. Most realistic presentation of what this pandemic was really about I have read!55

Roid Right

Keep Fighting, the truth will get out5 star

I was one of the lucky ones. Stage 3 rectal cancer treatment was only delayed 6 weeks. I’ve been cancer free for 1+years. My bride 79 & I 81 never wore mask outside & walking daily 3 to 6 miles. Fauci is a fraud! Dr Atlas keep fighting.55


Comes Across as Whiny3 star

I want to first say that I have a great deal of respect for Dr. Atlas and I think he was set up for and received denigration he didn’t deserve. He is an accomplished researcher and credible. I believe his healthcare policy advice was needed from the get go. That said, although I was horrified (albeit not so surprised) at the inner workings of the task force and utter incompetence of the principal actors, Dr. Atlas’ writing is repetitive and whiny. I don’t need to read in every chapter the people who needed protecting and those that didn’t need it so much. If I read past the first rant, I don’t need to read it over and over. As a PhD applied mathematician with some expertise in mathematical modeling, I would have liked a comprehensive bibliography of the refereed papers he carried to the meetings so I could read the literature. I haven’t found one yet. The first couple of chapters were great. After that, it is quite a chore and bore. I’m trying to make myself read the last 53 pages. Dr. Atlas has good reason to be defensive and angry. He was in an impossible situation if he wanted to really influence policy. Anyone associated with Trump was bound to get destroyed if he/she disagreed with Fauci and Birx. The level of incompetence of those two is breathtaking.35


This is an erudite work written by a true scientist.5 star

The inner workings of a federal bureaucracy is laid bare and, after reading this, I am convinced these bureaucrats were ignorant, lazy and maybe even evil.55

Robert R. Weidman

The Inconvenient Truth5 star

Dr. Scott Atkins is truly a blessing to all who wonder what was really happening. So much, almost everything, was out of the ordinary. Most of us or maybe just some of us knew deep inside these mandates/recommendations were worst than the disease itself. He proves it! Thank you Dr. Scott Atkins for exposing the lack of critical thinking; you are truly a blessing!55


Excellent Read3 star

Important and eye opening. Thank you Dr. Atlas, Dr. William Henry Welch of Johns Hopkins would be very proud of you.35


Fantastic5 star

Outstanding and extremely important book which exposes the false narrative we’ve been fed by mainstream media, government and various other agencies. We need more incredibly courageous people like Dr. Atlas in this country. I fervently hope that Americans start listening and understanding before irreparable harm is done to this country (if it hasn’t already). Everyone needs to read this book.55

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