The Benefits of Marijuana: Physical, Psychological and Spiritual

The Benefits of Marijuana: Physical, Psychological and Spiritual Summary

By documenting that Cannabis impacts the Autonomic Nervous System to restore balance to body, mind and spirit, the author exposes its unique and hidden value for health and consciousness. This is an easily comprehended holistic explanation of the physical, psychological and spiritual benefits of marijuana, thoroughly documented by modern science and upheld with logic and anecdotal evidence. Bello has left no stone unturned and her understanding of how marijuana impacts all aspects of the human experience springs from both scholarship and intuition. The Benefits of Marijuana is a classic in the field and the author is a well-respected researcher and activist. Before it was fashionable (1997), Bello ran the Class Action Lawsuit against the U.S. Government for prohibiting cannabis to patients in need. One hundred testimonials from those who forged the way to recognition of the medicinal benefits of marijuana are included. Their diseases include epilepsy, alcoholism, asthma, glaucoma, AIDs, ADD, Arthritis, SAD, acute pain, respiratory insufficiency, cancer, schizophrenia, heart, bone and blood problems, etc.

In addition to in depth yet a very understandable education of the basic mechanism behind the vast benefits of marijuana for the full spectrum of the human experience, Bello includes commentary on the originating cause of modern disease from the holistic perspective and reveals the basic balancing and oxygenating effect that marijuana imparts. Specific diseases, such as Multiple Sclerosis, Glaucoma, Post Traumatic Stress, Alzheimer's and Depression are presented with in depth clarification as to their underlying source and exactly how Marijuana Therapy restores health and well-being. What is the Marijuana Consciousness? What exactly are the spiritual benefits of this ancient herb? How is the goal of enlightenment facilitated by marijuana? How is the Eastern understanding of Cannabis Sativa interwoven throughout the pages of this scholarly tribute to the infamous plant? These abstract philosophical topics are not only presented, but Bello answers them in the concrete with an effortless flow of knowledge that can only be understood as borne of her training in the Eastern disciplines. “Bello presents it all with balance, lucidity and a sort of calm spirituality that you rarely encounter. It’s the sort of book you dip into at random, absorbing nonconsecutive sections at your leisure.” Dean Latimer, Sr. Editor High Times Magazine

Within the pages of this very concise work, the reader begins to know the author as she shares her personal quest for a cure for her son’s epilepsy while also being drawn to experiences of authenticity rather than materialism. In the benefits of marijuana, she found both. Bello is a true dinosaur of the drug war who even was imprisoned for her marijuana crimes. In her effort to share her knowledge, she has written a superb book! Anyone interested in the truth about the benefits of marijuana should own at least one copy. Anyone considering marijuana for medicinal purposes needs this information. For those who want to understand the “high” and appreciate its meaning, the answer is here. According to Dick Cowan, former Director of NORML, it is one of the most well written, comprehensive analyses of marijuana today.” Bello makes no excuses for her personal enjoyment and love of marijuana. She is now nearing 70, has been a marijuana smoker and advocate for over 40 years and is in wonderful health. She continues to research the details of the benefits of marijuana and share her wisdom. At the present time, her latest book, How Marijuana Cures Cancer is nearing completion. The pinnacle of her work, however, is still in progress and according to Bello, only when she completes the Yoga of Marijuana, will she retire.

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