The Texas Medical Jurisprudence Exam

The Texas Medical Jurisprudence Exam Summary

The most efficient, readable, and reasonable option to prepare for the Texas Medical Jurisprudence Examination, a required test for physician licensure in Texas. This is all you need. 

The goal of this study guide is to hit the sweet spot between concise and terse, between reasonably inclusive and needlessly thorough. This short book is intended to be something that you can read over a few times for a few hours before your test and safely pass for a reasonable price, with enough context to make it informative and professionally meaningful without being a $200 video course or a 300-page legal treatise. After all, the Texas JP exam isn't Step 1--it's a $34 at-home pass/fail test! 


Book Reviews

Alan Groves

All you need for Texas JP exam5 star

Read this once in around 1 hour. Passed the exam with room to spare. No other study, no practice questions, no prior knowledge of Texas law. It’s also genuinely a great idea to understand more about the legal framework - having thought the JP exam was a terrible idea I now think other states should implement something similar! Thanks to the author - a great public service!55


Passed test5 star

I read this book alongwith questions Texam Medial Jurisprudence Exam eReview and passed my test with 90% first attempt. I read book few times, despite what author suggests for a day of studying! There are only 3 attempts to pass the test and do not take it lightly but this combination is all you’ll need!55


Great book!5 star

All the information you need to know for the test. Easy to read and high yield.55


Texas Jurisprudence Exam5 star

I truly enjoyed reading the book! Would absolutely recommend to anyone!!!55


Highly Recommend5 star

Has everything you need in a concise summary in order to pass. Great reference for a reasonable price!55


great book5 star

This book was super painless to read and well worth 10 bucks. I just finished and thought, wow I’m done already? I also like the author’s writing style. He doesn’t take himself too seriously and has fun with a topic that could be much more boring than it is in this book.55


Excellent study guide5 star

Really excellent study guide. Best I’ve found, not only for this subject but as a model for all study guides, which is saying a lot! Worth every penny and more! Get this one. All you need.55


All you need5 star

Read twice, did nothing else, passed easily.55



This study guide was informative and pretty hilarious at times, though definitely not needed. ******ALL MASSAGE THERAPISTS PLEASE READ****** If you're coming from out of Texas and thinking you're getting a leg up by ordering this book, you'd be wrong. Learn from my mistake, you don't need any study guide or book. The "exam" is more of a formality. They give you links to ALL the answers you need. It's basically their way of ensuring you know the laws by paying into it. Save yourself $10 and reading through 62 pages of information you don't need to know.45


Buy this5 star

There are a lot of review materials out there that can cost 10x the price of this book. This is the best bang for your buck and for your time. I had to take my board certification exam the day after taking the TX JP exam, so I wanted my study efforts to be efficient but still pass. I read through the book once a couple days before the test and once just before the test, which totaled about 2 hours. I got a 90 - more than enough to pass (75). The test is not just common sense - it is tricky and requires very specific knowledge. Honestly, I would have failed without this book. So definitely put in the effort. This book is all you need.55

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