Fermentation for Beginners: The Step-by-Step Guide to Fermentation and Probiotic Foods

Fermentation for Beginners: The Step-by-Step Guide to Fermentation and Probiotic Foods Summary

Master the age-old art of fermentation from home with Fermentation for Beginners.
Fermented foods are a delicious and rich source of nourishment. However, many beginners are skittish about starting the process of fermentation for the first time. With straightforward guides, delicious recipes, and step-by-step instructions, Fermentation for Beginners takes the stress out of at-home fermentation. Whether you are trying fermentation to improve your health, or just want to explore this time-tested culinary skill, Fermentation for Beginners will be your guide to the art of fermentation and the science of probiotic foods.
Fermentation for Beginners will show you how and why to ferment your own foods, with:
60 Recipes providing step-by-step instructions for safe and effective fermentationHelpful Tips covering the ingredients and equipment you need to start fermenting at homeAn Overview explaining the science behind fermentation Fermentation recipes include: Garlic Dill Pickles, Pear Chutney, Greek-Style Yogurt, Tempeh, Sourdough Baguettes, Corned Beef, Red Wine Vinegar, Basic Beer, Basic Wine, and much more!
With the right combination of microbes and a little skill, Fermentation for Beginners will give you all the tools you need to start fermenting your own foods right away.

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Well-written with great recipes4 star

Overall, I found Fermentation for Beginners to be helpful and insightful. This book would serve both the novice and the experienced alike. I’ve always thought fermenting fruits and vegetables would be difficult, but the book makes this process seem far easier than I’d believed. For those interested in learning the craft, the book offers background information on fermenting as well as easy to follow recipes.45


Information packed and easy to read!5 star

I was astonished at how fermentation played such a key role down through the centuries in many different cultures! I had no idea that the way that mankind preserved foods to make it from season, to season, was the main key in making probiotic foods! No wonder those in the olden days had longer healthier lives, because their guts were healthy! This is a great read which goes into detail about the different processes of preservation and the benefits of probiotics! Its a must read!55

Perennial Qi

Pro-Fermentation4 star

I only recently versed myself in the science of fermentation. With this knowledge in mind i'm well on my my way to a kitchen scientist learned in the ancient traditions of my ancestors. Straight forward is the key that drakes press took upon the path of writing this text. I will adhere and practice these fermenting methods for alcohol in the near future as well as other recipes that i've read in this work.45

Amy Chennault

Fermentation made easy5 star

I am trying to eat healthier now that I am older and had heard eating fermented foods was great for my immune system. The book is great because it tells you how the fermentation process works and gives you easy recipes to try. It even tells you the best foods to buy and explains the health benefits of fermentation. Recipes are great and much easier than I expected.55


Good to Know!4 star

This book is both easy to read and very, very informative. I really felt like I learned a lot. There was all kinds of information, even do it yourself instructions. Anyone can do this at home and they gave you every bit of info that you'd need. This is only for someone that is really serious about this subject, though, because these instructions are only for those that will be able to take the time and care to do this right. At the end of the day, I enjoyed it and so many others that want to do fermentation will love it, too!45


Great Fundamental Cookbook on Fermentation4 star

I recommend this book because it so thoroughly covers safety before going on to its plethora of recipes for canning food, brewing beer, and bottling wine.45


Informative!3 star

I learned that by fermenting foods, not only does food last longer and probably taste better, it improves your digestive and immune health. It turns out you can ferment almost any foods. Also, I haven't tried it yet but he instructions sound so simple. It turns out you can ferment almost any food! A lot of recipes are included for veggies, fruit, dairy beans bread, meat, fish, eggs, vinegar and drinks!35

Josh Katzman

Great Intro To Fermentation5 star

Probiotics, the science behind fermentation, has recently become a buzzword in culinary circles. This instructive book by Drake Press helps demystify fermentation by breaking down the assorted food and beverage categories that are products of this ancient culinary practice. The book clarifies in the early chapters what fermentation is and isn’t: sauerkraut, kimchi and homemade pickled vegetables, meat and fish are the products of fermentation, but many commercial pickled items that have been submerged for a period of time in vinegar are not. The book also explains the various health benefits derived from a diet rich in fermented food and drink, including improved digestion, a reduction of stiff or swollen joints and better oral hygiene because of the eradication of harmful bacteria. The second part of the book includes an amazing collection of recipes that are relatively straightforward, and with a modicum of science and patience required, a fascinating departure from most culinary endeavors.55


Big Help!5 star

So excited to have a basic guide to fermentation! I have read many articles on the health benefits of home made probiotics and have been thinking about doing this for a while. I am anxious to try the detailed recipes that include time frames, temperatures, and indicators. Fresh seasonal foods are recommended, but I am happy to have the manual on hand for spring farmer’s market fare. Grandma’s recipes for sourdough starter and sauerkraut were very vague and she’s not here to guide me. This book will be a big help!55


Great for Beginners5 star

Fermentation for beginners provides great support for those looking to learn more about fermenting foods and what recipes they can use to start the process. The recipes are simple and easy to follow. The book also gives one options that support the decision to live a healthier lifestyle. Highly recommended for sure.55

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