Braving Cash

Braving Cash Summary

A steamy military small-town romance with a touch of suspense, a quirky island village, and a time limit

Sasha has me re-evaluating absolutely everything I thought was true and important. I'll even go through with the crazy courtship ritual at the hardware store if it will make her happy.
But I can't stay. And if I can't leave her behind safely, then I'll have to find some way to take her with me.

Now, how do I convince her to see sense?

Cash has made it pretty clear he's not staying for long. Home on leave for only a few weeks, then back to the Army.
I love my adopted small island town, even if some weird and dangerous things have been happening lately. And I barely know this (gorgeous, charming, grumpy) guy, so of course I'm not leaving with him, right? That doesn't make sense at all.

Braving Cash is the third book in the ACI Unleashed series and takes readers deeper into the small town of Embrace Island.

Every year, ACI holds its annual summer war games to test tech and strategy (and play in the mud). This is the second book of the Embrace Island games. While the mystery spans several books, so reading in order will be helpful, there's no cliffhanger for Sasha and Cash's grumpy/sunshine romance. Sasha was first introduced in Finding Alexei so fans of Mia and Alexei can meet up with them again in this story too!


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