The Art of War: Audio Edition

The Art of War: Audio Edition Summary

Sun Tzu's ancient Chinese military treatise The Art of War: Audio Edition. This selection includes the full audio to Tzu's 13 chapter masterpiece. Its importance has impacted the global military world current and past, and helped pave the way in business and legal strategy education. Now you can listen and follow along with the full audio book.

Book Reviews


Don't buy.2 star

Would be great to have the audio play through. Without needing to select each chapter individually. The last chapters audio isn't even correct. The chapters prior AGAIN! Along with this being abridged...not the greatest selection. Decent voice over.25


Broken Part!4 star

The audio on part 12 is the same as part 13! Besides that it is an incredible read that I would suggest to anyone once they have fixed the 13th audio, or you could just read it...45

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