World War II

World War II Summary

World War II is often seen as the most brutal conflict the world has ever seen. Never did so many people die because of war in such a brief period. Because the people of today owe their very existence to the people of the past, this book is dedicated to those who fought and died for our freedom.

This story begins with the rise of Hitler to chancellor in Germany and ends on 9 August 1945, the day the second atomic bomb fell on the Japanese city of Nagasaki and the Imperial Japanese forces had no other option but to surrender to the Allies.

World War II – The Entire History, gives an excellent overview of the most important battles, decisive moments and individuals that have determined the course of war.

“It is unfortunate but true that war is indiscriminate and in World War II the lines of sacrifice were obliterated with civilians suffering and dying in greater numbers than those in uniform. Tipping the scale in this tragic equation was the virulent hatred that fueled the actions of the aggressors, including acts of carnage against the innocence so repugnant that men’s concepts of cruelty and inhumanity shall forever be altered. Those left alive, many too young to understand the wise and wherefores of the nightmare they have endured, will bear scars both physical and emotional for the rest of their lives."

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