How to DJ on Your iPad (& iPhone)

How to DJ on Your iPad (& iPhone) Summary


Want to know what it feels like to play a perfect DJ set to a full dancefloor, using just your iPad (or iPhone)? In this, the first book of its kind, Phil Morse of Digital DJ Tips—the world's biggest DJ training website—shows you step-by-step exactly how you can do just that, using Algoriddim's powerful djay 2 DJ app.

From helping you to choose, organise and prepare your music (including using djay 2's Spotify integration), to showing you how to beatmix like a pro, to giving you the low down on powerful techniques such as DJ effects, loops and keymixing, Phil shows you how to DJ properly with this software, in 172 feature-packed pages and across 21 pro HD videos.

The book serves as a standalone and complete guide to DJing as a hobby or profession, aimed at both complete beginners and those new to digital DJing. It covers all aspect of the craft, from standing out through your music choices, to how to get booked, even how to deal with pre-gig nerves - plus lots of ideas for furthering your DJing after you've successfully played your first public set. Once you know this stuff, you'll be able to transfer the skills to any DJ set-up you like.

Whether you want to be a club-style DJ, play mobile, or just spin at parties for your friends, and whatever your music style, everything you need to do to truly impress your audiences is here. Far beyond an instruction manual, How to DJ on your iPad (& iPhone) is more like an iPad/iPhone DJ's bible

So if you've yet to start, or you've downloaded djay 2 and got stuck, wondering what to do next or what you're doing wrong, this unique book and video package is exactly what you need to kickstart your digital DJing career!

Book Reviews

Blaze Da Hard Luck Kid

Video Links1 star

Video links are no longer working.15


All I wanted to know, and more5 star

Amazing book. Lots of tips and tricks in circa 200 pages. A fun read.55

Bill in Okinawa

Almost perfect!4 star

Very helpful and highly recommended ebook for beginning DJs and bedroom mixers like me. My only gripe is that Mr. Morse should get the help of an editor, as the errors distract from his awesome instruction. Spellcheck doesn't catch everything! Regardless, thank you Phil.45

DJ Jammin Mike

Phil Morse Is The Best Teacher5 star

Phil Morse and His crew make the best Tutorial DJ Videos available for sale online! He doesnt just tell you what to do, he explains exactly how to do it in great detail. Every Question you could have will be answered. Don't hesitate to buy this ibook, you will not be disappointed.55


Instant Buy5 star

All his courses, articles, and emails are great, so why wouldn't this be? I actually didn't know I was looking for this until I saw it. It was like a missing piece of a never ending puzzle. Thanks in advance!55


Great Book for Dj Beginners on IPad5 star

I learned a lot on Djaying on the iPad. Thanks Phil for helping me to become a better DJ.55


Dj download to iPad and iPhone1 star

I have tried to download this magazine to both iPad and iPhone and none of them is working.15


Need fix5 star

The "simple cut" video is the same video for the "simple drop" is this correct? Please advise55

Gigi Musique

Ready to be a real dj?5 star

This book is not (just) a manual for djay 2. It is a manual on how rewire yourself to be a dj for real, with nothing but an iPad, a iphone (or, incredibly, an iwatch), and a few other things you probably already own.55


Exactly what I've been waiting for!5 star

Phil is the best DJ Tutor on the Internet, he has helped me with training and equipment reviews for years. I was very excited to see he released a book on iPad DJing. The book is excellent, complete with videos and step-by-step training to take you from the bedroom to your first gig. I like how Phil covered everything from the basic features to the advanced techniques that DJay2 offers.55

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