As Mad as Hell (Book 2 in 'Bedfellows' thriller series)

As Mad as Hell (Book 2 in 'Bedfellows' thriller series) Summary

'As Mad as Hell' is the second book in the 'Bedfellows thriller series'. It picks up the story where 'If The Bed Falls In' left off!

The first book is a psychological thriller that begins the descent into the dark and criminal dealings of the international banks and corrupt national governments. One confused man wakes up to how The Few are destroying all we hold dear, are accumulating everything of physical value on our planet, and are committed to enslaving humanity in a medieval feudal system.

This second book in the series, takes us so much deeper as we follow a rogue MI6 agent using every resource he can to hunt down the culprits behind the New World Order. But he is a man battling with his own internal demons as well as the One Percenters.

With the CIA, MI6 and the most powerful family in the world hot on his heels, he struggles to blow the lid off the 9/11 conspiracy, but stumbles across deep and frightening truths that are darker than even the most committed conspiracist would have believed. His carefully laid plans take us to New York, Johannesburg and London as the intricate plot slowly reveals itself.

WARNING: The faint hearted should turn away now. Only those who really want to dig deep into the lumpy broth of humanity should buy this book.

The third book, 'A Tale of Three Cities' will be released Dec. 2016/Jan. 2017.

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