Bless Her Dead Heart

Bless Her Dead Heart Summary

The day Loey Grace Keene and her best friends condemned a man to death was the day she knew she’d never leave Righteous, Tennessee. Running her grandparents’ coffee shop and old farm distracts her from the sins of her past. ’Course, that’s until she discovers the town’s preacher impaled in the cemetery’s oldest tree.

There ain’t never been a storm in Righteous like there was the day Jeronimo James blew into town. He might be Blackmore Baptist’s new preacher, but Loey’s instincts warn her to stay away from his black eyes, cowboy swagger, and motorcycle. His arrival on the heels of a murder, plus his odd questions about salted graves and hallowed ground, lands him smack dab at the top of her suspect list.

Loey’s search for the killer uncovers the magic beneath Righteous’s ancient superstitions and a family secret that further binds her to the town. For centuries, the Keenes have kept Righteous’s threads knotted together, but something sinister is tattering the Seam.

Unless Loey can catch the otherworldly killer and embrace her calling as a Keene, the Seam between Righteous and a pocket world will be ripped forever, unleashing a hungry, vengeful creature onto the God-fearing folk of Righteous.

The Righteous Series is the twisted sweet tea of Southern paranormal suspense. Delve into a world of mysticism, where the lies run as thick as the accents and the superstitions are born of real and powerful mountain magic.

Book Reviews


So good!!!5 star

I loved this book! So much that I went and bought the second two! They’re so good they are full of mystery, love, and it definitely keeps you on your toes!55


Incredible story!5 star

I’ll admit when the book started I thought it was a historical fiction. Having that southern Baptist vibe I never expected the story to be in the 21st century. Loey and Jeronimo are a team! It’s hard to see them as lovers. But what the hell, that book was a page-turner! I give this story 5 stars. Incredible story and true to Righteous.55

Lilacs and chocolate

Couldn’t Get Into It.2 star

Tried. Really. Just couldn’t get into this book. Depiction of Southern life was ok and somewhat real. The rest was hard to believe as written. Gave up 1/2 way through.25

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