Fire and Ice

Fire and Ice Summary

Alaska State Trooper Liam Campbell, demoted and reassigned to the remote Bush town of Newenham, literally steps off the plane into a murder scene.  Newenham's eccentric — and often hair-trigger — residents complicate his search for the killer, as does the unexpected involvement of an old flame.
Stabenow, best known for her Kate Shugak mysteries, has created a compelling new protagonist in the form of  Liam Campbell.

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Fire and ice5 star

I really enjoy this authors work and look forward to the next book..... Great mystery so hope you joy s much as I did...55


Fire and Ice in the Alaskan Bush4 star

Liam Campbell gets busted from Sergeant to Trooper and then is assigned to a small town in the Alaskan bush. An old love is rekindled as he tries to fit in and enforce the law in a strange unfamiliar location. A well written yarn that will hold your interest til the end.45


Fire and Ice & A Cold Day for Murder5 star

These two books are my first exposure to Dana Stabenow. Both books were very entertaining and the characters well developed. Also, it has given me a small peek into what life is like living in Alaska. I look forward to reading more of her work.55

Pglet bj

Fire and Ice2 star

Although the plot was interesting enough, I found the continuous display of profanity obnoxious. I finally scammed thru skipping the pages of profanity to find out who done it. Obviously the author does not have an adequate command of the English language to portray a rough and ready area without resorting to four letter words.25


Not a Waste of Time3 star

Enjoyed the characters and plot, but skipped over a lot of unnecessary, descriptive narrative.35

Cabin builder

Fire and Ice5 star

This was a nice change of pace back to the mystery genre, this story is set in the Alaskan out back and you really get to know the people that you read about. Must read.55

Don Andrews

Unforgettable2 star

Ho hum story and plot. Only finished because I had paid for it.25


Great Alaskan Series Starter5 star

This is the First of the Alaska Trooper Liam Campbell novels. Narrated by Marguerite Gavin. Marguerite is a great narrator and brings all of the many characters to life. Once Trooper Campbell arrives at his new posting someone dies. In the first three days there are many activities and shootings that take his attention. This story lays the groundwork and background for many characters including the town and villages of Liam's new posting. As Liam solves the murder and works to gain the trust of the people at his new posting his personal life becomes Intwined with his investigations. This audiobook is a great first book in what I think will be an even better series. I purchased this book for my own interest, this review is my own.55

Digital Grandma

This book is part one of a long novel3 star

This book is not a stand alone book. It is part one of a tetralogy, which is a long novel broken into 4 books. The book dragged at first, then several weird individuals were introduced. The last half of the book was better, but I could have done without the explicit sex scenes. A bit too much profanity for me personally, although many readers have no problem with it.35


Fire and Ice4 star

Good light reading. It's a nice "beach book".45

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