If the Bed Falls in: A Man in Two Minds; Are Either of Them His? (Book 1 in 'Bedfellows' Thriller Series)

If the Bed Falls in: A Man in Two Minds; Are Either of Them His? (Book 1 in 'Bedfellows' Thriller Series) Summary

"If you have never read any books by Paul Casselle, then you should know he ranks up along with the greatest authors of this genre. You just can't put it down. He is the new "King" of thrillers. I loved it! Janice." - Amazon Kindle Reader

“A scary look at drug abuse and the always corrupt government. It will twist your mind to keep up.” - Amazon Kindle Reader

"Paul Casselle is a story-teller who deftly weaves his tale into a thrill ride of a page turner...Casselle perfected a realistic world that is unparalleled in other novels." - The Hungry Monster Official Review.

"A superbly written novel..." Wendy Cartmell, Author of the Sgt. Major Crane Thrillers.


Not the usual psychological thriller...
After half a lifetime trying to come to terms with underachievement, a new terror has suddenly emerged. Tom Friday is now doubting his own sanity.

Maybe due to his past cocaine habit, he is having vivid hallucinations. He increasingly flips into an alternate reality where he is Joseph Miller, a renegade MI6 assassin.

The world is falling apart around him. Crazy conspiracy theories like 9/11, the Illuminati and the One-Percenters tightening strangle-hold on society seem totally real from the perspective of his alter-ego, Joseph. But who is real; Tom or Joseph?

Joseph has a plan to defeat the One-Percenters, but due to being forcibly injected with an experimental CIA drug, he cannot remember what he was going to do.

If he is Tom, he has a serious neurological problem, but if he is Joseph, the world may be on the brink of being enslaved by evil international banks and corrupt governments.

The clock is ticking as loudly as his addled brain. He is a man in two minds; are either of them his?

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