Misdemeanor Summary

Reluctant witch Missy Rae is at it again in Book Two of the Missy Rae Mysteries!

Find out what happens when an outdoor adventure, a long-held vendetta, and a band of well-meaning and slightly neurotic do-gooders try to help solve a murder.

When the annual Halloween Trail Hike ends in murder, resident witch Missy Rae finds herself in a sticky conundrum. Legend has it that her ancestors committed a series of similar crimes in the past, so it's only natural she and her meddling family members are to blame. Although they can't yet prove their innocence, they can do what they do best – create chaos – to root out the killer and expose a sinister scheme to rid their hometown of all witches.

Can Missy, her precocious Granny, a heavy-drinking cousin, a retired witch hunter, and her eternally angry mother find the culprit before he or she strikes again?

The Missy Rae Mysteries are written as standalone novels in the same witch-tastic world!

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