Money For Murders

Money For Murders Summary

A family is murdered in cold blood. The case was never solved. Will a genius find the killer––five years later?

The phenomenal PI finds evidence others have missed. But, after a tumor develops in his brain, things become difficult for him. Will he be able to solve the tragic case with few clues to follow?

His problems increase as the media and public officials put the pressure on him to catch the killer before he decides to strike again. If that wasn't enough, suspects start dropping like flies in a cold snap.

Will Johnny be able to resolve the case as the pressure mounts and his tumor grows or will he fail in his attempt to close the cold case?

Money For Murdersis a stand-alone story in The Johnny Sundance Florida Mysteries series. If you like noir fiction, super-smart sleuths, and baffling murders, then you'll love Ronald J. Yarosh's new novel.

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