Painted Ladies

Painted Ladies Summary

Spenser had a simple job-protect an art scholar during a ransom exchange for a stolen painting. No one was supposed to die. But the scholar had secrets no one knew, and uncovering them will endanger Spenser as well.

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boots saddle

Painted Ladies5 star

Another great Spenser yarn, as usual. Great characters, great plot, and great ending.55

Number one. Fan

Best one I read5 star

I have not read all mr Parker s books, but I have read quite a few, and I think this one was one of the best if not the best. I loved it. So sad hearing of the author s death, but what a legacy.55

Steve n OH

Best recent Spenser4 star

I always enjoy a Parker novel, but recent Spensers seemed to be doing too much and not all of it up to old standards. This story seems more focused, but with just enough Susan and Pearl to be annoying. Not a classic, but up to the task. Strong effort as the series winds down.45


Painted Ladies4 star

Great book, couldn't put it down. Stayed up late just to keep reading. Highly recommend this book. I have all of his books, was very sad to hear of his death. He will certainly be missed.45

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