The Dark Web Scam

The Dark Web Scam Summary

“King’s smoothly executed and addictive series returns, offering cinematic action and a high body count.”—Kirkus Reviews

How could a little murder-for-hire scam go so wrong?

The Travelers and a computer hacker are operating a dark web con, taking cash from suckers who think they’re hiring contract killers. Easy money. And no one to complain to the police. But when an actual killer comes after them, they’re on the hunt for payback.

Who sent the assassin who killed their partner? And why is he stalking a newspaper reporter? 

Once the Travelers figure out who they’re up against, they set a plan in motion to rob him and take revenge, but as the cat-and-mouse game progresses, and the police get involved, the Travelers find they’re moving through a quagmire of drugs, sex trafficking, and greed where any misstep could lead to the morgue.

The Dark Web Scam is a hard-charging crime thriller. If you like criminal machinations, fast-paced action, and devious plot twists, you’ll love the ninth novel in the Travelers series.

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The Travelers crime thrillers contain profanity, violence, and sexual situations typical of the genre and similar to R rated movies.

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