Tom Clancy Oath of Office

Tom Clancy Oath of Office Summary

Marine officer. CIA analyst. President. Jack Ryan has devoted his life to protecting the United States. What if this time, he can't? President Ryan and the Campus return in this entry in Tom Clancy's #1New York Times-bestselling series.

Freedom may have finally arrived in Iran. As protests break out across the country, the media rejoices over the so-called Persian Spring. Western leaders are ecstatic. Members of Congress and the Cabinet clamor to back the rebels. Only President Jack Ryan remains wary.

Meanwhile, he has plenty to handle at home. A deadly strain of flu is ravaging the United States as spring floods decimate the Southeast. An unethical senator wants to bring down the Ryan presidency and is willing to lean on fabricated bot-planted stories to do it.

But the scariest story is the most closely guarded one. Two Russian nuclear missiles have been hijacked. The Campus gets their first break when Jack Junior connects with a rogue Russian intelligence officer in Afghanistan--only to be abducted soon after arriving. John Clark and the rest of the Campus team race to track the missiles and rescue their colleague.

As sensationalized stories spin out of control and the stolen missiles remain out of reach, President Ryan's toughest challenge emerges: How do you meet an enemy head on, when he won't even show you his face?

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Writing has deteriorated1 star

Clancy’s writing has greatly deteriorated since he passed away. Time to wrap this up.15

hate os10.7

Oath of office1 star

This might be the absolute worst written book I’ve ever read. Too many subplots to follow and so many typos that it is almost impossible to read.15

AAPL Freak

Sad2 star

I am the biggest Clancy fan but I have to admit, it may be time to stop. This was the worst “Clancy” book I have read. The plot was so ridiculous it was laughable. The author, who I have ready his Jericho books, really tries to emulate Clancy by weaving in multiple story lines. It just doesn’t work. Without spoilers, the story lines add no value to the ending and only lead to me wondering why I had to read so much to get to so little. Having read every Clancy book (including the non-fiction and Op-Center books) it is time for me to move on. This is like Bond at the end of Brosnon’s run; wind surfing to ward off bad guys. Can’t get more stupid. It was a great ride Tom, but your ghost writers are not leaving a great legacy.25


Oath of Office2 star

This is a Jack Ryan novel but it read more like a Ryan Jr. novel. Had Clancy written this novel it would have been a 1000 pages long and about 650 pages too long. The author of this novel was still 200 pages too long. The author had a worldwide canvas as Clancy use to do but the effort here was disjointed. And oh yes, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff was an Air Force Lt. General. Give me a break. That’s a joke. It may be time for the Clancy estate to retire this series.25


Oath of office2 star

First 150 pages befor it gets interesting25

bad even for a free app

Mildly entertaining, with a weak finish3 star

I read the books because I love the characters Clancy created, and while the portrayals are close, they lack the soul and vividness that only the master could create. There were moments of entertainment, but the ending felt tired and uninspired.35

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