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A tale of love, enlightenment — and embezzlement. Jazz guitarist Sam Mann has been paying his dues for years, now he’s ready for a little fame and fortune. When smooth-talking talent agent Jim Dibbook offers hm an irresistible package deal, Sam goes for it, violating his own first rule of common sense: Never trust a guy who says, “Trust me.” So begins Sam’s best shot at fulfilling his dreams, and a journey of self-discovery through romantic love, betrayal, vengeful obsession, and ultimate redemption in the bittersweet acceptance of his own common humanity and his humble place in the grand cosmic scheme.

“A Faustian frolic, an operatic adventure story told through jazz, mysticism, and human folly. Imagine Don  Quixote as a be-bopper and you’ll understand Sam Mann’s compelling and poignantly comedic quest. Because the fun, there’s real humanity here — the characters’ and ours.” — Peter Coyote, author of Sleeping Where I Fall: A Chronicle

An impressive first novel that delivers on many levels: a compelling story, believable characters, and thought-provoking situations. Also, Forman is skilled at writing humor; several scenes are downright hilarious. This is a solid, well-crafted work.” — Kyle Simpler,

Bruce Forman is a distinguished jazz guitarist and composer, acclaimed a “prodigious talent” by Down Beatand “one of the greatest lights of our age” by JazzTimes. Bruce has performed and recorded with many of the greatest names in jazz. Also an award-winning educator, he is the founder/director of JazzMasters Workshop, a nonprofit music-mentoring program, and has taught at music workshops and universities worldwide. For the soundtrack of his Oscar-winning film, director Clint Eastwood chose Bruce Forman to perform all of the guitar work.

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