Witchful Thinking

Witchful Thinking Summary

Welcome to Everlasting, Maine, where there’s no such thing as normal.

Charlotte Fenchurch knows that, which is why she’s not that surprised when a very special book of magic falls into her hands at the library where she works. As a fledgling witch, owning her own grimoire is a dream come true. But there’s something…mysterious about the book she just can’t figure out.

Leopard shifter Walker Black knows what’s odd about the book. It’s full of black magic and so dangerous that it could destroy the world. Good thing the Fraternal Order of Light has sent him to Everlasting to recover it and put it into safe storage. If he has to, he’ll even take the witch who owns it into custody.

That is until he meets Charlotte and realizes she’s not out to watch the world burn. She’s sweet and kind and wonderful. Suddenly protecting her is all he wants to do. Well, that and kiss her some more. But dark forces seem determined to get their hands on the book, making Charlotte their target, and Walker worries that he won't be able to protect her from them – or the organization he works for.

Can Walker and Charlotte survive the onslaught of danger? Or is that just witchful thinking?

Book Reviews

math wizard

Changes5 star

An excellent well written mystery! You have a story about a book, witches, shifters. There is plenty of action, humor and even romance. You have transformations and twists to this book. Read and enjoy!55

Lisa Bateman

The Librarian’s Dilemma5 star

Welcome to the town of Everlasting! This is a wonderful book by one of my favorite authors. Charlotte is a novice witch, and also a librarian. An odd looking book appears in the return chute one day. It looks really old. Only she can open it or see that it really has writing on it. It seems the book is a grimoire and has chosen her as it's new owner. However, there are others in search of this powerful book. Some with the right intentions and some wanting to use it for dark magic. There's a new guy in town who's really hot but also keeping a few secrets of his own. Can Charlotte trust him?55

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