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“It really grips you….I lost a lot of sleep reading it.” –Tim LaHaye, co-author of the LEFT BEHIND series.

It was the last peace, the great peace, the deep breath before the storm. The Golden Age was closing and the heavens paused and waited for the long plunge ahead. Some people saw it coming. But they were few.

The first episode of this geopolitical thriller sets up the start of an epic battle between Light and Darkness. Taking readers from Saudi Arabia to Israel to Washington D.C. and Chicago, Wrath & Righteousness is a frightening, torn-from-the-headlines peek into the future.

The forces of Darkness, personified by a mysterious old man, have focused their efforts on a Saudi Prince who is second in line to the Royal House of Saud. By tempting the Prince with power beyond his wildest imagination, Lucifer and his servants have secured all of the pieces necessary to unleash Armageddon, turn allies against each other, and bring down the West. Freedom’s only chance for survival rests with a group of people who do not even know they’ve been chosen for the job.

More than a simple techno-thriller, Wrath & Righteousness examines the eternal battle between Good and Evil while also asking one of the fundamental questions of our existence: what is mankind’s relationship to the spiritual world? Packed with thrilling action and underscored by a timeless story of war, love and spirituality, Wrath & Righteousness has been described by #1 bestselling author Glenn Beck as “The Left Behind series for a new generation.”

Wrath & Righteousnessis a ten episode e-book series by Chris Stewart, a world-record-setting Air Force pilot (fastest nonstop flight around the world) and New York Times bestselling author of several books, including The Miracle of Freedom. Each episode is approximately 50,000-60,000 words (roughly two-thirds the length of a normal novel). This series was adapted and updated from the previously published The Great and Terrible series that was released from 2003-2008.

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In a word, "OUTSTANDING!"5 star

As someone who writes for a living, I've never read any book, mag, etc., that lights a match to Chris Stewart's writing genius in general, and his attention to details, in particular. Perhaps a little much at times, but believe me, you will think you are RIGHT THERE - where all the action is. This series redefines the term, "theater of the mind." Simply amazing God-given talent! As far as the actual storyline is concerned, everything you've heard or read in reviews that state the storyline is very relevant to today's mid-east (and otherwise!!) situation, is very true, I'm sad to say. There is SOOOOOO much chatter online re 'the real potential of a rogue nation (or, oh...I don't know...ISIS?!) launching a short range, unsophisticated low-yield nuke from a simple barge/s - programmed to explode just high enough and in the general location over our nation to cause an EMP, then scuttle the barge immediately thereafter,' it almost seems 'prophetic!' (Google it - then read these books!!) ENJOY!55

M. Patriot

M. Patriot5 star

Awesome series- makes you think about the war raging now- “For our wrestling is not against flesh and blood; but against principalities and power, against the rulers of the world of this darkness, against the spirits of wickedness in the high places.” Excerpt From: Stewart, Chris. “Evil In the Darkness.”55


Had me on the edge of my seat!5 star

Loved the book.55


Could not put it down!5 star

I am an audiobook kind of guy. This was a great read. I cannot wait for the other books!55

A common Love

Must read and only leaves you wanting more5 star

If you want a book that only leaves you wanting more this is it.55

Norman the Normal

Wake Up....it is real!5 star

The greatest feat of Satan (i.e., the Devil, Lucifer, Beelzebub, Old Slewfoot, etc.) is to convince people he does not exist; that he is merely a figment of everyone's imagination; that to believe he exists is simply superstition. The reality is he does exist. His minions, that is, the other fallen angels, are as evil and bent upon seducing the entirety of humankind to follow him. One only has to read of the tactics he employed to tempt our Saviour, Jesus Christ, to get a glimpse of how he twists and distorts Scripture to his own ends. With all this in mind, author Chris Stewart gives something of an insight into the war raging unseen. At stake are the souls of each and every person alive (the souls of those passed already determined) and truth itself. Were we privy to the actual battles we would sit or stand, mouth agape, at the raw, undiluted evil surrounding us. Mr. Stewart has struck a chord not often sounded...even among those who call themselves Christians. For those interested in further elucidation, you should read "Twenty-three Minutes In Hell", by Bill Wiese, in which he details his experience of an actual visit to hell for 23 minutes. Did Mr. Wiese really visit hell? In my opinion, probably not. However, it is likely he was given a particular insight by God into what hell is like. There is a war going on. It is as real as Mr. Stewart has made it...only more so! If you don't believe it...you are already deceived.55

Jacki Blair

Wrath & Rightousness5 star

Awesome !!!!! To God be the glory. The fallen angel Lucifer... is soon coming to an end with his reign on earth....5 stars55


Excellent read!5 star

This is an exciting thriller that rings so true the times it adds an unintended layer to the already excellent story.55


Wrath & Righteousness3 star

Too early to say if it's great or just ok, I will buy one more and then decide, this first book just touches on characters and story line. What I do like about it, that is keeping my interest, is the current feel, what I don't like is the references of lucifer and friends, the story can be good with explaining the evil of man and the good of man, but I knew it had biblical portions since it is on the same line as Left Behind series.35


Good, evil and teotwawki5 star

There are battles that are unseen in the spirit realm that affects our world. It does kind off read like the evening news in the beginning as it details global turmoil. This was a good read quick read. I am ready for the next installment.55

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