Don't Let Me Fall

Don't Let Me Fall Summary

I should probably tell Ash that her boyfriend's a jerk.
But he's also my best friend.
So where does that leave me?
Between a rock and a hard place, I guess.
She trusts him, even though she shouldn't.
He takes her for granted, even though he shouldn't.
And me?
I'm left lusting after a girl who doesn't belong to me, caught between my loyalty to my best friend, and my need to make her mine.
In a nutshell? I'm screwed.
In every way but the literal sense.
Besides, she doesn't want the villain. 
She wants the Golden Boy.
And I lost that title long before we met.

Book Reviews


AMAZING!5 star

The plot - thick! The drama - juicy! The romance - weakening! Loved everything about it and I CANT WAIT for the other books in the series!55

Allycat 😉

Great Read5 star

automatically preordered when I saw the author’s tiktok previews for this book! Once I got the notification it was ready to read I instantly started! Absolutely great book, love that she is writing other books for the other characters. Hopefully this isn’t the end of the main characters, I wish we got that “cheesy romantic” ending but a 10/10 book!55


Love love LOVED this book5 star

I really loved how easily I was able to be drawn into another world. From the second I read the sample to buying the full book, I have never been so excited to read (which means a lot coming from me). Being the person that only reads for school, I have never felt as many emotions at once. I found this book to be relatable because I was also in a toxic relationship… just waiting for my Colt Thorne to sweep me off my feet ☺️ p.s. I CANNOT WAIT for the other books of this series!!55


Child’s Play1 star

Ugh. This book was such a waste of my time! Very adolescent, predictable, cheesy, and just flat out boring. Hard pass for me.15

baby boo princess 101

I love this5 star

This book was amazing! I loved it so much and the author is amazing! I love watching her TikTok’s (that’s what made me want to read this book!)55


The book wouldn’t end1 star

I got the booked based on the reviews but I was definitely on a different page. The story was boring, the characters were annoying and it dragged on and on about nonsense. I just wanted it to end. It was only a page turner because I had to skip over so much of the blah blah blah.15

Armoni sky

100009% PS KINDA SPOILER IG ❗️5 star

Omg I loved this book I not big on reading but seen some vids on TikTok and was obsessed..!!! I love how it ended and I pre ordered the next one but I def need more of this couple!!55

Kiera Makayla

Okay5 star

It was good but not as good as everyone is making it seem55


Superficial, predictable for an immature reader1 star

I can’t believe it’s rated so high…15


Don’t Let Me Fall5 star


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